Go & Do - Kirchheim

 What a pleasure to work together, to render a service to a village and to be warmly welcomed back! See you in Kirchheim in October to harvest and transform apples and pears from orchards!


This new way of meeting is being adopted by the Cultural Villages of Europe. In the next two years, several thematic binomials "Workcamp followed by a Conference" will take place throughout Europe. The first to set the tone is Kilingi Nomme (Estonia) and Kirchheim (Austria) in 2018. The theme is the reception of migrants in rural areas.


A workcamp in Kirchheim.


Kirchheim in Innkreis opens the door with a Go & Do project. European volunteers will be invited to harvest apples and pears in the orchards of the elderly, a helping hand for everyone! Then with the association "LandObstLand", they will participate in processing workshops: apple juice, cider, shnaps, strudel, cold meats, bread. Villages d'Europe had previously benefited from exotic flavors, today, we put the hand in the dough!