Europa Ludens

A cultural cooperation project between eleven european villages.


This project occured in 2012-13 and had tree strands:

1) Europa Ludens Music Tour

Two Deuch jazz musicians traveled all around the cultural villages, meeting amateur or professionnal musicians. They played, arranged and record together a traditional song. The CD recording is now available.


2) Symposium of sculpture

The village of Bystré (Czech Republic) invited 10 european sculptors to make a comon exhibition about Nativity. Since then, the exhibition travels throuh Europe for Christmas times.


3) Europa Ludens Rural Song

This project links music schools trough Europe thanks a european choir. Fifty singers from 7 européens countries gathered in Mellionnec (France) to create an performance called "Singing in the village". To prepare it, they rehersaled, learnt languages and pronunciations for 6 month before at home. A great succes !