Wijk aan Zee

Life has never been autarkic for the Dutch village of Wijk Aan Zee, which is located by the sea.


In the Middle Ages people lived on what the sea offered them. Many sailors did not return.


Wijk Aan Zee is located in a narrow 5 km long corridor that connects the north and south of the Hollands. In agitated times, this corridor was an issue for the armies. During the war against Spain, around 1570, the Spanish army chose this place to station its troops at the siege of Harleem and Alkmaar. The village was almost entirely destroyed.


Two centuries later, in 1799, there was an Anglo-Russian invasion against Napoleon. The villagers did not like this battle.


In 1975, Hoogovens settled at the entrance of the village, eager to invest the place to produce steel. The village was again hit hard. It was from this date that the village decided to live and to resist the outside world that wanted to constrain it.


In 1996, all the inhabitants were photographed in order to show that they were all united in the resistance.


The village knows that the time is changing. There are no longer any fishermen. But tourism began in the late nineteenth century. The village has adapted to it. In the last decade came inhabitants working in town but preferring to live in a small community.


Wijk aan Zee is not just for tourism. Surrounded by the Hoogovens steelies, the village is glued to reality.


Here you will find the quietude necessary for reflection. Wijk Aan Zee also creates his own songs today. As well as its proper stories.


Important events


Summer markets, each Friday of July and August.



Wijk aan Zee



Cultureel Dorp van Europa (association)

Jan Van der Land

Email: seeyouontv@quicknet.nl


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