In Jutland in the south of Denmark, you have to cross the bridge and you find the commune of Tommerup (8000 inhabitants), on the island of Funen, consisting of a group of four villages.


In 1996, Copenhagen was chosen as the Cultural Capital of Europe.


Tommerup wanted to be the Cultural Village of Europe and, without money, but with energy, mobilized to invite the people from all over to come to them.


Peer Madsen, appointed to the city to settle employment problems, and initiator of this idea of cultural village, had time to deal with the matter and to find funding in Brussels. Peer went to Wijk aan Zee to point out the Dutch way of dealing with unemployment and Wijk Aan Zee seeks Tommerup a solution to his industrial sludge.


A way of living Cultural Villages of Europe.


Tommerup has an enormous baking oven.

From the factory disused by lack of clay, there remains the know-how thanks to which a ceramic vase, 5 meters high, was created for the Universal Exhibition of Seville.


The school in Denmark is above all education for life. There is, at Tommerup, a self-directed high school called Efterskole. There are few students; They are between 14 and 18 years old and are boarders. Classical subjects are taught, but if a student wants to learn more about a specific topic such as fishing nets, there is a teacher and the course is given. An agriculture-livestock section provides Efterskole with vegetables and meat. Buildings are built by students and teachers. The school almost totally supports its needs.

Important events



Disrtict of Assens


Cultural Village association

Contact person: Lucinda Silver


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