Cultural Villages of Europe Network

Where do rural European Villages stand within Europe and the World in the 21st century? Can those villages keep their vitality in an urban world? Eleven European villages have focused on this issue. Convinced of the richness of their cultural and natural heritage, they decided to meet to define what rural life could be while the world is undergoing profound change.

Aldeburgh (GB), Bystré (CZ), Killingi Nomme (ESE), Kirchheim (A),
Mellionnec (F), Palkonya (H), Paxos (GR), Pergine Valdarno (I), Porrúa (ES),
Schachdorf Ströbeck (D), Tommerup (DK) and Wijk aan Zee (NL)

In December 1999, the mayors of the 11 partner villages signed the charter
of rural villages in Europe. They met in Brussels on 7 June 2000 to
present it to the European Parliament.

Each village delegate one person to take part to the 
European "task force". They meet once a year in a village and
gather once a month by skype to coordinate the network.

Wijk aan Zee (NL): Jan


Mellionnec (FR): Marion


Bystré (CZ): Lenka


Pergine-Valdarno (IT): Romina


Paxos (GR): Faye


Kilingi-Nomme (EE): Ahti


Ströbeck (DE): Kathrin


Palkonya (HU): Szilvia


Porrùa (ES): Pilar


Tommerup (DK): Lucinda


Kirchheim (AT): Brigitte